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Luv Wave

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2039, Tokyo. Special agent Kaoru Mikogami is saddled with an unwanted partner; American-made military cyborg Alice who has been sent to Kaoru in order to gain more experience. The reluctant allies set out on the trail of a dangerous new drug called Nine Heavens and a computer virus that, some months earlier, shut down international networks and appears to have been reactivated in a new, stronger, form. Kaoru also has orders to terminate Massy Spector, a dead hacker whose undead persona now travels the Net and invades the minds of those who use Nine Heavens. When Kaoru's sister Mamoru is threatened, he sets off to rescue her, while Massy invades Alice's mind and awakens a new, more human, alter ego. She has the memories of Kaoru's childhood sweetheart Mayumi, put there by the girl's scientist father who is involved in a plot to control the global network and create a new digital deity. How will this end?

Playlist japanese :ラヴ ウェーブ

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